People involved in the NB-LAB project

Teachers and staff: The core team at Ikiam consists of around 20 people, and includes six professors and laboratory technicians.

The number of students and people potentially involved, has been estimated as follows:

  • 1000 undergraduate students (at Ikiam University) – They are the primary target
    audience for the formal and informal learning communities
  • 200 High school students – In annual basis, Ikiam University tutors these group of young students for an international contest, The Junior Water Price, that is the link with the Stockholm Water Price.
  • 50 collaborators and fellows from Community and Technical Superior Institutions from the metropolitan area of Tena and Quito – Technical institutions are the “housing” of the research clubs currently. They are co-developing the small research stations with Ikiam and UTE.
  • 1500 kichwa and shuar natives of the Colonso-Chalupas National Park – Most of the children in the zone attend elementary schools localized in the surroundings of Ikiam University. These kids are the target audience for Scientific fairs, LAB open-doors days and technology demonstrations.
  • 25 000 inhabitants of the metropolitan zone of Tena – Citizens from Tena Metropolitan
    Area (TMA), could be the population in focus for scientific fairs and other participatory