Dear prospects:

We are pleased to announce that registration for the nature–based living lab exchange program is now open for students from our European partners. 

In this site, you can read, analyze and plannifying the guidelines to enlist in the exchange program as well as an overview of the NB Lab project. We, at Ikiam, are ready to share with you our expertise in the scientific research, management and exploring of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. 

There are five research platforms available for the exchange program (link). The core of each program is an “Experimental block”, in which Ikiam faculty and staff will assist you in the process of discovery and train you in the use of cutting edge, real–time monitoring tools in real life scientific contexts. The experimental blocks were designed in a service learning approach, this means that offer to the students a valuable form of experiential learning while also helping to meet the needs of local communities. The involvement of end–users (high schoolers for example) in the processes of discovery through informal activities such as clubs and colloquia is also a central issue in this Nature –based living lab.

Welcome to an experience that will impact your career. Welcome to the first Nature–based living lab in the continent.

Dr–Ing. Miguel Herrera Robledo